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Besides the object-oriented

If you are using or considering using object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques, then you should at least find out what the meaning of OOP in the end with, why use OOP techniques. Now I make some you should know about the technical terms, and talk about these concepts in terms of the solution you have in significance.
Why Use OOP?
The concept of software solutions for the object with great benefits, good design and reasonable in the circumstances in particular. You can just write the code once again in the future reuse, and in the case of non-OOP you will probably want the application again and again in the preparation of the internal parts of the same function code. So, since object-oriented programming to reduce the total amount of code to speed up the progress of the development of the software while reducing the amount of error.
The code used to create the object may also be used for multiple applications. For example, your team can prepare a set of standard classes to calculate your available resources, then use that code objects in Suo You need Tonglei solution to create objects, such as customer order interface, the stock value of reporting and notification of sales force Faji and so on.
Another advantage of OOP is code structure. Such as object-oriented inheritance concept like variables and functions through simplified and convenient way of software development process. OOP can be more easily divided between the encoding task in the team. Meanwhile, due to adopt OOP, identify sub-class code of attachment has become more simple (such as inheritance object code). In addition, software testing and debugging can be greatly simplified.
OOP, however, there are some inherent disadvantages. If a class is modified, all dependent on the class code must be re-tested and may need to be modified to support the kind of change. Also, if the document has not been carefully maintained, it is difficult to determine which code to use the parent class (inherited code). If discovered late in the development of software errors, then it may affect the application of a significant portion of the code.
Object-oriented programming with traditional development thinking in the programming is different from traditional development requires developers to change with the inertia in the way of thinking. OOP an experienced development team, the adoption of the benefits of OOP is obvious. If you are considering turning OOP, then you must ensure that already have experienced a major developers can be responsible for checking the software defects and architecture.
Here we take a look at OOP technology in the end can do for you; learn about the concepts and terminology.
Object definition object is to build object-oriented programming relies on the basic unit. With a more professional terms, the so-called object is a code example, this code performs a specific function, or package with self-contained nature. This package code is often called a class, object class or module, or in different programming languages in the application of other names. Over the meaning of these terms in slightly different, but they are a collection of code.
As I mentioned previously, the object itself is a class or other data structure instance. This means that existing physical code played a role in creating the template object. Perform specific functions, need to write code only once been quoted many times. Each object has its own identity, that is so different from each object object name.
The object is not the actual copy of the class. Each object has its own name space, in which to save their own namespace identifiers and variables, but the implementation of the function object to invoke the original code. "Package" of the object has its own function, this function is called "method", and object variables are referred to as property. When the object properties within the defined time, they usually can not be extended to other instances. Suppose I have an existing class called vegetable (vegetable), while also creating two object instance carrot (carrot) and celery (celery), then I set the value to the carrot will not affect the value of celery inside. vegetable own internal variables will never be defined as vegetable category is only a template.
In certain situations, some functions do not affect the class of objects created by the class. Class attribute refers to is designed to preserve the value of used objects. Class method is used to define and track the class attribute.
Some of the programming language allows users to call the class of functions rather than creating the instance. If the function is assigned to an identifier (or handle), and in some cases they can be viewed as an object with its own rights. However, in most cases, the function is the method used to achieve a certain result.
Now that you understand the meaning of the object, then I have to talk about how objects are used.
Use the object in the main program, the definition of the object class structure by way of an instance of an object. Object has all methods can be used to create the desired results, while attributes can be referenced and operation. When the object is no longer necessary under the circumstances, the main program can destroy the object.
Object class has a powerful feature, which is that they can inherit other classes. This means that if we prepared a potato (potato) class, then it can be inherited vegetable category and prevent us from rewriting existing functions. Vegetable classes available for all functions can be used potato class. Thus, vegetable and can inherit food (food) category, and so on.
Some OOP programming language also has a dynamic binding (dynamic binding) concepts. The technology has also been called multiple inheritance. For example, potato class can inherit vegetable and starch (starch) class. However, this may cause problems, such as two classes have the same name some of the property. In particular, when dealing with the concept of multiple inheritance the way language is different, some of the language completely disable the concept.
After inheriting a class, we can override methods to obtain the desired result. For example, my vegetable category may have a function named prepare, the way the main guide you how to prepare food. However, in the instance of the type of potato, when I hope that one contains a special definition of the potatoes, so I created a function, its name and vegetable dishes prepared in the same function name function but modification of the original act. If I do not overload prepare method, used in the vegetable class function. This is called polymorphism (polymorphism).
Polymorphism of the other methods related to the type of object coherence. This helps ensure that the reference function has the following relationship: vegetable if I can instantiate the object, then I should be able to instantiate objects potato. This is because the potato is a vegetable. Subclasses. However, because the vegetable is not the potato sub-class, so in turn the instantiation is not allowed. If I instantiate the potato object, then I do not need to instantiate objects of the vegetable.
How to define a variety of perspectives polymorphism, and its end use is the same. Anyway, this is an important OOP concepts. Technology combined with inheritance, apparently Why OOP development function with such a powerful reason for self-evident.
This article is not intended to explain the depth of object-oriented programming techniques, I introduced the key words and terms only just a little leak current. If you are new to OOP or the first time read about the concept, I hope you now understand OOP technology into the mainstream of modern software development reasons.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zhongguancun hand new countryside

The first two villages Engineering Village - Li Jia Fen Village information service platform opened

PRC January 28, 2007, in Town, Haidian District, Beijing Li Jia Fen Village, the first two villages Engineering Village - Li Jia Fen Village information service platform, after 1 month of trial operation After the official opening. Sales of agricultural products, consulting agricultural technology, Agriculture policy ... to understand ..., Li Jia Fen Village, led by the Li Shigang village head, took the lead with 9 million farmers in the villages of engineering information service platform, onto the broad road of agriculture science and technology. Chinese entrepreneurs attending the opening ceremony, Tan Yang Yang said network executives, the platform is the opening of a new socialist countryside construction of the great beginning of the information, it is the Zhongguancun Science and Technology of China in the name of the Holy Land, on the first document in 2006 instructed the Central "To actively promote the construction of agricultural information, the full use and integration of agricultural information resources, with emphasis on integrated information service platform of agricultural engineering" to make a positive response.

In the December 2006 meeting of the Central Rural Work Conference, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out: "the central task of the new rural construction is to increase rural productivity, the solution is the development of modern agriculture." Agricultural production and management of modern agriculture, agricultural science and technology, rural market circulation, farmers need information on all aspects of living service platform.

It is understood, had reached more than 6300 domestic agriculture-related sites. However, according to the Secretary of the Ministry of Information to Promote the needs of rural information services, there are still not well resolved four issues: First, the most concerned with the interests of farmers are closely related to the information collection, processing, integration, release, exchange , sharing difficult; two diverse information needs of farmers, personalized, timeliness, accuracy can not meet; third is facing a "last mile" problem, namely, how the information to the hands of the majority of farmers, farmers like to use, with affordable, put to good use; Fourth, the construction of information systems related to operating and maintenance costs and how to achieve sustainability.

Haidian District in Beijing and under the guidance department, in the Haidian District Secretary Comrade Tan under the care of Vick, in the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee and the Working Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian enterprises with the support of the Commission by the red and the Zhongguancun International Incubator of Zhongguancun Software Association launched China Site factory "wonderful world" company, more vivid language translation technology company, CRE aspect, China 10 000 network companies, Chinese entrepreneurs network and many other Internet companies in Zhongguancun, the support of the birth of a two village project - a new rural Zhongguancun hand it is a nationwide 500 000 500 000 villages to establish an independent domain name may be in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Traditional publishing information in six languages at the same time "online big village" to help the 9 million farmers in China's vast rural areas, to establish interoperability, and can be broadcast globally to connect the modern international market of agricultural exports, the country regularly update synchronization, powerful works of China's new rural information to domestic and international show an international , a colorful new socialist countryside.

Village project has two 65 channels, including nine aspects: 1, sales of agricultural products. 2, agricultural technical advice. 3, rural tourism. 4, land resource development. 5, investment cooperation projects in villages and towns. 6, production of consumer goods Buy. 7, rich exchange of information. 8, rural employment. 9, the new rural and cultural fronts.

Village works to support the two key modern agricultural industrial chain formation and perfection of being test run in the Beijing Association for Information Platforms Mentougou Rose show a bright future of modern agriculture, attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing boutique Rose Growers Association president, said Li Jiyong At present, members of the Rose Society of farmers planting crops income rose 6 times, the corresponding output rate of land productivity and farmers are 6 times! Village project will also support two farmers to plant roses from the rose oil to the refinery, to the production of cosmetics, Rose Valley, the domestic market and international markets into the whole industrial chain of modern roses.
He Enpei two villages project director of the Executive Committee, said: "Every village by village as a source of information, the villagers are most concerned about the information collected, then the village responsible for network maintenance release of information workers. By the farmers themselves collect their release, information to guarantee on the timeliness, the information is true, also had a dedicated review system. "As for the information release, the system construction cost, the two villages, Deputy Director of Engineering Executive Committee, said Qiu Dong, the villagers do not entirely his own pocket. "The initial site construction costs and maintenance fees can apply for government financial support to solve our red Zhongguancun Committee members also plan oriented entrepreneurs reconstruction, for the national reconstruction of each county is a modern agricultural industrial chain associated with the two villages demonstration project, information service platform, party members and entrepreneurs from the two villages for the initial engineering information service platform construction costs, we can also operate through the site to roll its own development. "in ensuring the timely update of information issues, Qiu Dong said that the world wonderful behind a dedicated team of software engineers, guaranteed 24-hour time-line publishing, adjustment, supervision, and regular site upgrades.

The future, the two village projects attached at one end 500 000 Li Jia Fen Village, such villages, one end attached Zhongguancun, a cone structure of the site clusters - the basic unit of the village, the village building platform, the village built the town of platform platform , the town built the platform and the Agricultural Economics Association, the county platform platform platform after the municipal, provincial platform, the provincial platform is the platform Zhongguancun Village project all of the above information platform for the two sites is responsible for all unified by the Zhongguancun automatically upgraded on a regular basis to Village works to ensure the information platform for the two sites with the times, the new rural farmers can spend in the shortest possible time out constant innovation in Zhongguancun, the most advanced Internet technologies. Policy of benefiting the country can pass through the Zhongguancun platform in a timely manner to all the rural; rural areas, agriculture and farmers need information can be one level to the higher layers of government pass filter; each village platforms can be broadcast to all other platforms agricultural information; the same time Zhongguancun platform also open up international markets for exports, and the introduction of international capital, information dissemination through the six languages, and modern agricultural industrial chain integration, to help China's new rural modern agriculture to international markets.

Opening ceremony drew to a close, Zhongguancun, deputy secretary of the United Party, Comrade Bin excited that the two integrated village project is an ongoing area of Zhongguancun, all the Internet's most advanced technology to ensure the provision of good technical support for farmers to provide comprehensive information dissemination services information platform; two villages project for the first time, governments at all levels leading to true and accurate understanding of the needs of farmers, rural status and agricultural production; to connect to modern agriculture, domestic and international export markets; to urban residents aware of the rural farmers directly Le tourist situation; for new rural culture spread to every rural China; for Chinese farmers have expressed their needs of information distribution channels; to Zhongguancun Information Technology Innovation out of service the first time a new socialist countryside, new rural service the process of getting an unprecedented, broad space for development.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

DDos remains a primary threat to a number of ISP

In addition to mostly distributed by the botnet launched denial of service attack, the experience of other types of threats are botnets and other malicious attacks, including phishing attacks, spam, identity theft.

According to the survey results, Arbor company summed up the zombie network the following trends:

1. Puppet Shepherd (botherder) has been difficult to penetrate the command and control channels on the zombie host to better control.

2. Changing the old zombie hosts, leading to new hosts and zombie botnets are emerging.

3. Zombie master hidden deeper, more organized, it is difficult to find and remove.

4. Zombie network structure more flexible, more powerful capabilities, but also good at camouflage, in order to avoid all kinds of testing and analysis.

"The current host is not easy to be detected zombie out, the reason is they are no longer used for obvious malicious attack." Arbor Networks director of network structure Craig.Labovitz commented that: "Botnets are no longer simply a large number of obvious malicious data into the network, and now their activities is like the blind spot of radar in the ISP in the same flight. This greatly increased the detection of botnets, or difficult to reduce the impact of the work. "

At the same time, Arbor Networks survey also shows some other information on:

1. Network attacks ferocity rise.

The feedback showed that many ISP, backbone network from the billions of bits of magnitude of DDoS attacks in the attack frequency and intensity of the attacks have continued to grow. Consequences caused by this reason the one hand, global growth in the number of broadband internet access, on the other hand because the network of central tendency.

2. "Zombies rule."

While firewalls, operating systems and Internet service providers are best efforts, still can not stop millions of end-system can be distributed denial of service attacks or other attacks.

3. ISP they have taken some measures to prevent malicious attacks. The lack of advanced infrastructure and means, primarily through most Internet service providers cut off all access roads leading to zombie hosts to reduce the harm of illegal attacks. In this way, the network service provider has successfully protected its own backbone network is not being distributed denial of service attacks. However, the impact of this approach may actually receive more than a denial of service attack to authorities.

4. Apart from the individual average of 40 attacks each month, the report, most of the attacks reported to law enforcement agencies are aimed at ISP's.

As the economic downturn, there has been more and more to carry out income-generating botnets as a professional person. Botnets have continued to develop as an industry.

5. ISP needed source of funds.

Network operators begin to re-interest and a focus on return on investment, but once the safety of its infrastructure, especially when botnets, ISP will be in a very difficult situation. Some ISP that they might actually be able to withstand malicious attacks to a location of the damage up to protect themselves. At the same time they think it is very difficult, unless it can secure new investment.

As the emerging network security threats, research will focus on infrastructure security issue threats to the above, including DNS attacks, and VOIP attacks.

Survey shows that half of the ISP have deployed some mechanisms to detect DNS and VOIP threats. Although there are still many bodies still in the planning stages of deploying VOIP services, but few attacks against VOIP infrastructure coverage. ISP for the emergence of new security threats become increasingly alert to keep the moment.

"The good news is that today's ISP are continuing to deploy and improve their systems against attacks," Arbor Networks chief researcher Danny McPherson said: "With new security threats are emerging, while other similar means botnet attacks continue to mature We hope that the annual report of these findings will help guide their decision-making ISP, how to protect their critical infrastructure. "

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Century AMD antitrust case of the hearing level to promote fair competition

Chinabyte was informed that since last year, AMD sued Intel monopoly case there will be new progress. April 20, AMD and Intel will be held in Delaware v. District Court of Intel monopoly case management conference meet, this meeting will help the court determine this in order to schedule the hearing of cases against monopoly.

The March 31, AMD is responsible for legal affairs and chief administrative officer, executive vice president Thomas M. McCoy antitrust case on an interview in Beijing, on the antitrust case, some of the key questions answered questions.

Thomas cited the beginning of 2005 the Japanese Fair Trade Commission issued a free report to show that Intel abused its monopoly position, the exclusion of the AMD. Thomas said that AMD has won some big customers, these customers also do business with Intel, so Intel will require the customer to terminate the transaction and AMD, Intel to cover the cost of the relevant market and promotion in exchange for in exchange for the processor absolute exclusion.

"From this perspective, is greatly limited the choices of customers, but also impede innovation and development of technology. From the consumer point of view, they have to pay a high price to buy a company controlled by the monopoly product. Our market share in Japan had once reached 26%, including Sony, Toshiba and other manufacturers are AMD's customers, but because of Intel's involvement, abuse their monopoly position, so that we share in Japan dropped by 12% within one year to 14%. "Thomas told reporters at the Japan Fair Trade Commission submitted this report, the EU began an investigation of the actions taken by Intel.

Last year, AMD sued Intel for monopoly case, Thomas is expected to end the formal session of 2007, "in Japan and the European Union into action, we in the United States filed a lawsuit to the court. Now we are both at the evidence stage, that is, two the company is collecting relevant documents, e-mail exchanges between companies and industry participants in the case, then we will ask the witness to provide testimony, interviews with them to understand the situation. "Thomas said, so far, AMD and Intel has not had any discussions on reconciliation. However, the monopoly charges against AMD, Intel publicly announced, and there is no way to change the intention of commercial operations.

Thomas said that in addition to Intel's monopoly of foreign prosecution, AMD did not stop the promotion of innovation, "AMD is a company attaches great importance to innovative companies, but AMD is based on market requirements for innovation, so customers are very concerned about, such as AMD in 64-bit technology, dual-core technology, energy consumption is a leader. Although AMD have achieved great success, but if Customer Shoudao other companies stress the words, AMD can be more successful. Intel Corporation to some extent to request customers to obey to him. In this way, customers will lose the opportunity to choose, not according to the amount they need to get products and prices, which is also the development of AMD had a negative impact. "

Thomas coming to China is an important task is to make contact with the Chinese government, Thomas said that AMD hopes both product design and product marketing can be an open, free competition, it all to the interests of customers. "We have to do is to make sure let everyone know that AMD is a very good partner, we have very good technology, it has a very good strategy. We say that innovation is the soul of competition, we hope the Chinese government to take action, I hope the world Governments of other countries to take action, it is not just the things, AMD, Geng is what the customer to make them freely to 杩涜 choice and innovation in free pair of 浠栦滑 conduct business processes and brand management, we must protect Zhe Yang 1 kind of competition, enabling customers to get the best technology to meet their needs and to obtain cost-effective products. "

In the interview, Thomas also praised the final in March this year, China's three major associations - Computer Industry Association, Software Association, computer users association released a joint initiative in the area of government procurement fair competition mechanism and proposals, "We hope that the Association initiative will ultimately get results. you know, the Chinese government institutions and government agencies around the world, just as much a consumer IT product side, so that should be taken in the government procurement process brand-neutral approach, product procurement standards should be product performance and price, that is good value for money, rather than the choice granted monopoly products. We are three associations in China appreciates the efforts made, I think they now do, and other countries similar associations to take action are the same, because they want the government as an IT consumer side will not hurt by the monopoly. "


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4G stressed highly versatile

Recently, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), received a six 4G (IMT-Advanced) candidates for technical proposals, this proposal is in response to ITU 2008 骞?3 month by collecting invitation.

Recently, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), received a six 4G (IMT-Advanced) candidates for technical proposals, this proposal is in response to ITU 2008 骞?3 month by collecting invitation. 6 proposals around the 3GPP LTE version 10, LTE-Advanced Technology and IEEE 802.16m technologies ITU-R according to the needs assessment process using the defined assessment. The coming year, the evaluation will be rigorous in the world of an independent external evaluation of the working group support, and the 5D in the ITU-R Working Group under the guidance of the work. Selected technology is expected in October 2010 will be recognized as officially designated 4G technology.

Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications R & D a minister HU Hong-lin

Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications R & D a minister HU Hong-lin pointed out that for the 4G network, need to focus on key technology testing and validation, relay technology, distributed networking technology and spectrum sharing technology research and development. The key technology of 4G in 2008, China began to implement a "next-generation broadband wireless mobile communications network," major projects are reflected.

Currently, 4G major focus on alternative technologies to the 3GPP's LTE-Advanced and IEEE's 802.16m, LTE system They are the evolution of version and 802.16e (ie WiMAX) Evolution versions; both emphasize the importance of the latter with the 3G version backward compatible to support FDD and TDD duplex modes, and some recognized empty enhancement technology. Plan completed by the end of 2010 3GPP LTE-Advanced standard-setting, and IEEE 802.16m project completion time is the end of 2009. Taking into account the LTE is the world's most successful and most of the mainstream is the only operator selected potential 4G technology, LTE-Advanced, as the evolution of LTE version will no doubt be the most mainstream of the world's next generation mobile communication systems.

For 4G TDD standard, Datang Mobile president Xie Yongbin has written that: we believe that evolution should consider the following principles: TD-SCDMA to consider backward compatibility, so that a smooth evolution of TD Industries; demand for 4G NGMN and relative LTE, functional / performance have improved significantly; for TDD features independent wireless interface optimized, TDD / FDD unified network architecture and high-level; 4G TDD system to meet the needs of independent large-scale network, but can also provide data covering hot spots; consider TD -SCDMA Evolution and greater space for extensive international cooperation; in the global promotion of TD-SCDMA and the evolution of version; from the market point of view the possibility of the evolution of line (4GLTE +); 3GPP camp, the global mobile communications market now accounts for 86% share. 3GPP camp in 2010 (including the TD-SCDMA) market share will reach 88%.

Compared to 3G (IMT-2000), 4G system is more stressed around the world highly versatile, multi-capacity wireless access systems interoperability and the flexible range of services and applications support. ITU-R has previously adopted a set of minimum requirements on the 4G, including the district average, and the boundary spectrum efficiency, VoIP capacity, spectral efficiency and peak bandwidth requirements, the control plane and user plane latency and mobility requirements. Meanwhile, the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2007 decide the international standard 3G and 4G mobile communication frequency bands can be general, and to identify new, including 3.5GHz, 2.3GHz, 700MHz and 450MHz of available spectrum.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

China Unicom: Unicom Edition iPhone next year or compatible WIFI

Recently, media reports against China Unicom [6.42 1.10%] iPhone device may ban WIFI (wireless technology), will the relevant departments of China Unicom said yesterday, the first five listed non-iPhone products will function with WIFI.

China Unicom (HK: 00762) Latest Price: 11.04 0.18 1.6% market trend to larger corporate news ratings for China Unicom's general manager of terminal operations Unicom Huasheng in Britain tao that by the end of Unicom version of iPhone mobile phone will not function with WIFI . "We believe that the present free WIFI hot spots in the country is also not very popular, and the iPhone without WIFI function, nor will the consumer experience of 3G services will significantly affect the application." But he said China Unicom is actively working with Apple communication companies, hoping to produce the iPhone Apple phone with WIFI function of domestic technical standards also support WAPI.

Unicom said it will launch in late October in the iPhone. Users can purchase in two ways: one is to buy bare, now within the company news that China Unicom, bare metal prices will be around 5,000 yuan; one is adding iPhone package, enjoy the purchase subsidies, iPhone packages from 126 to 886 yuan 8 file. This month, China Unicom 3G services in 285 cities nationwide official business, China Unicom's 3G network uses the WCDMA downlink speeds of up to 7.2M.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

J2SE 1.5 version of the new features list

To the end of 2003, J2SE1.5 the beta version will be released. This release and has now been released J2SE1.4 two updates 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 are the 2003 JavaOne Conference as the expected release. If you did not attend the conference, or would like to re-review, so here are brief summaries of the conference.

J2SE 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 Releases

When 1.4.1 (codename "Hopper") issued in September 2002 and its follow-up version 1.4.2 (codename "Mantis") in January 2003 when the release schedule has been repaired over 4000 of the bug and is still in repair.

銆??鍦↗2SE1.5鐨勬柊鐗规?涓紝灏嗘坊鍔犱竴浜涗紬浜烘湡寰呭凡涔呯殑鍔熻兘锛屾瘮濡傚Itenium CPU鐨勫畬鍏ㄦ敮鎸侊紱Swing鐨勭敤鎴峰皢鐪嬪埌涓や釜鍏ㄦ柊鐨勫唴寤篖ook & Feels锛屼竴涓槸Windows XP椋庢牸锛屼竴涓狦TK椋庢牸锛涘悓鏃跺惎鍔ㄦ椂闂翠笂涔熸湁鏀硅繘銆?br />
銆??鍦ㄦ湇鍔″櫒绔殑澧炲己涓昏鍖呭惈浜嗕袱涓柊澧炵殑GC锛屼竴涓苟琛屾爣璁版竻鎵畻娉曪紙concurrent mark and sweep algorithm锛夊拰绫讳技骞磋交绌洪棿鏀堕泦锛坧arallel young space collector锛夈?杩欎袱涓柊鐨凣C鑳介?杩囩紪璇戠殑鍙傛暟鏉ヨ皟鐢細-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC 鍜?-XX:+UseParallelGC銆?br />
銆??鎺ヤ笅鏉ワ紝濡備綍杩愮敤杩欎簺鍙傛暟鏉ヨ皟鏁寸郴缁熺殑鏈?匠鎬ц兘灏辨槸鎴戜滑鍦↗2SE1.5涓渶瑕佸涔犲拰鐞嗚В鐨勪簡銆?br />
銆??J2SE 1.5 Release

銆??J2SE 1.5锛堝紑鍙戜唬鍙封?Tiger鈥濓級鏄疛ava骞冲彴鍜岃瑷?笂鐨勪竴涓噸瑕佷慨鏀癸紝鐩墠涓昏鍖呮嫭浜?5涓狫SR鐨勮姹傚拰鍏朵粬涓?簺绫讳技鐨勬洿鏂般?杩欐鐨凴elease涓昏鍏虫敞浜庡嚑涓叧閿殑涓婚锛氫富瑕佹槸鍝佽川锛岀洃瑙嗗拰绠$悊锛屾?鑳藉拰鍙墿灞曟?锛岃交鏉剧殑寮?彂浠ュ強妗岄潰瀹㈡埛绔?

銆??Ease of Development锛堣交鏉剧殑寮?彂锛?br />
銆??浣犲彲鑳藉凡缁忓惉鍒拌繃浜嗗叧浜庡噺杞诲紑鍙戦毦搴﹁?鍋氱殑Java璇█涓婄殑淇敼銆傝繖娆2SE鏍规嵁JSR鐨勮姹傚疄鐜颁互涓嬪嚑涓狫SR锛欽SR 201 鍖呭惈浜?涓慨鏀癸紱JSR 175鐨勬牳蹇冩槸鏀寔鍏冩暟鎹紙metadata锛夛紝鑰孞SR 14鍒欒鑼冧簡娉涘瀷銆?br />
銆??鍏冩暟鎹姛鑳芥彁渚涗簡澹版槑寮忕殑寮?彂锛屽苟涓斿彇浠d簡涓?簺宸ュ叿鐨勪唬鐮佺敓鎴愬拰缁存姢鍔熻兘銆傛硾鍨嬫彁鍗囦簡鏃犻渶鎵嬪姩杞瀷锛坢anual casting锛夌殑浠g爜澶嶇敤锛岄?甯竚anual casting閮戒細甯︽潵绫诲瀷瀹夊叏鎬т笂鐨勪竴浜涢棶棰樸?

銆??鍙﹀鐨勫洓涓慨鏀瑰垎鍒槸锛?br />
銆??鐢╢or寰幆鏉ラ亶鍘嗗鍣紙Collection 绫诲瀷锛夛紝鑰屼笉闇?鏄惧紡鐨勫0鏄庡鍣ㄧ殑杩唬鍣紙Iterator锛?

銆??鏋氫妇绫诲瀷鎻愪緵浜嗚秴瓒婄被浼糵inal static int鐨勶紝澧炲己鐨勭被鍨嬪畨鍏ㄦ?锛?br />
銆??褰撳湪娉涘瀷涓娇鐢ㄥ熀鏈暟鎹被鍨嬶紙Primitive Types锛夌殑鏃跺?鎻愪緵鑷姩瑁呯锛坅utoboxing锛夊姛鑳斤紙鍘熸潵鐨勬硾鍨嬩腑鏄笉鑳戒娇鐢ㄥ熀鏈被鍨嬬殑锛夛紱

銆??寮曞叆浜嗛潤鎬佸父閲忥紙static constants锛夌被鏀硅繘鏄惧紡鐨勫叡浜竴涓潤鎬佹暟鎹紱

銆??涓轰簡瀹炵幇杞绘澗鐨勫紑鍙戯紝闄や簡璇█涓婄殑淇敼涔嬪锛岃繕鏈変竴浜涢澶栫殑涓滆タ锛屾瘮濡備竴浜涙?蹇祊rintf鍑芥暟鐨勪細鍙戠幇瀹冨張鍥炴潵浜嗭紱涓?釜鏂扮殑骞跺彂宸ュ叿锛堝湪JSR 166涓彁鍙婏級灏嗕娇寰楀绾跨▼缂栫▼鍙樼殑鏇村姞绠?崟杞绘澗銆?br />
銆??Scalability and Performance锛堝彲鎵╁睍鎬у拰鎬ц兘锛?br />
銆??J2SE 1.5鐗堟湰灏嗘壙璇烘敼杩涘彲鎵╁睍鎬у拰鎬ц兘锛屽挨鍏舵槸鍦ㄥ惎鍔ㄦ椂闂村拰鍐呭瓨鍗拌锛坢emory footprint锛変笂锛屽皢浣垮緱鐢ㄦ埛鑳戒互鏈?揩鐨勯?搴﹀彂甯冧竴涓簲鐢ㄧ▼搴忋?浠嶫SR 163涓婂皢瀹炵幇鍐呭缓鐨勬?鑳藉伐绋嬶紙Performance ergonomics锛夊拰涓姛鑳藉己鍔茬殑API profile宸ュ叿銆?br />
銆??Monitoring and Manageability锛堢洃瑙嗗拰绠$悊锛?br />
銆??鐩戣鍜岀鐞嗘槸Tiger涓殑涓?釜涓昏鐗规?銆傞偅浜涘湪J2EE骞冲彴涓婁娇鐢↗MX鐨勫紑鍙戣?灏嗛潪甯稿紑蹇冪殑鐪嬪埌杩欐牱鐨勭壒鎬ц兘鍦↗2SE涓疄鐜般?閫氳繃瀵笿VM鐨勭洃瑙嗭紝灏嗗厑璁稿宸插彂甯冪殑搴旂敤绋嬪簭鍋ュ悍鎬х殑瀹屽叏妫?煡锛屽寘鎷搴曞眰鍐呭瓨娉勬紡妫?祴锛岄敊璇鐞嗙敋鑷虫槸API 鍫嗘爤璺熻釜锛坰tack trace锛夌殑鐩戣銆?br />
銆??Core XML Support锛堟牳蹇冪殑XML鏀寔锛?br />
銆??J2SE 1.5鐨勪粙缁嶈淇敼涓篨ML鐨勬牳蹇冨钩鍙帮紝琛ㄧずJava鐨勬牳蹇傾PI灏嗗寘鎷簡XML1.1锛孲AX 2.0鍜孌OM Level3銆俉eb service鏂归潰鐨凙PI锛孞AX-RPC锛屽拰JAXB灏嗙户缁嚭鐜板湪Web Service鐨勫寘涓紝鍦ㄤ互鍚庣殑鏂扮増鏈腑杩欎簺API灏嗚娣诲姞鍒版牳蹇傾PI涓幓銆?br />
銆??Desktop Client锛堟闈㈠鎴风锛?br />
銆??鏈?悗涓?釜閲嶇偣鐨勬柊鐗规?鏄闈㈠鎴风銆傝繖灏嗗甫鏉ュ嚑涓唴寤虹殑鏂扮殑Look & Feels鏀寔锛屽苟涓斿寮轰簡瀵圭毊鑲わ紙skins锛夌殑鏀寔銆傞櫎浜嗗惎鍔ㄩ?搴﹀拰鍐呭瓨鍗拌鐨勫寮猴紝妗岄潰寮?彂鑰呭張澶氫簡鍑犱釜鍊煎緱鏈熷緟鐨勬柊鐗规?銆?br />
銆??Unicode 3.1 Support锛堝Unicode 3.1鐨勬敮鎸侊級

銆??32浣嶇殑浠g悊瀛楃锛坰urrogate character锛夋敮鎸佸皢浼氬緢璋ㄦ厧鐨勬坊鍔犲埌鏂扮殑鐗堟湰涓紝鎵?互1.5鐗堟湰灏嗕粛鐒朵娇鐢?6浣嶇殑char绫诲瀷銆?br />
銆??New IO Support锛堟柊鐨処O鏀寔锛?br />
銆??鏂扮増鏈皢鎻愪緵瀵瑰紓姝O鐨勬敮鎸侊紝骞朵笖鏀寔鍦ㄥ钩鍙颁腑閫傚綋鐨勫湴鏂瑰紑鎷撴洿娣卞叆鐨勪娇鐢ㄨ繖浜汚PI銆?br />
銆??鏈変簡J2SE 1.4.2鍜孞2SE1.5锛孞ava鐨勫紑鍙戣?浠皢鎷ユ湁涓?釜婵?姩浜哄績鐨勪竴骞淬?


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