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Zhongguancun hand new countryside

The first two villages Engineering Village - Li Jia Fen Village information service platform opened

PRC January 28, 2007, in Town, Haidian District, Beijing Li Jia Fen Village, the first two villages Engineering Village - Li Jia Fen Village information service platform, after 1 month of trial operation After the official opening. Sales of agricultural products, consulting agricultural technology, Agriculture policy ... to understand ..., Li Jia Fen Village, led by the Li Shigang village head, took the lead with 9 million farmers in the villages of engineering information service platform, onto the broad road of agriculture science and technology. Chinese entrepreneurs attending the opening ceremony, Tan Yang Yang said network executives, the platform is the opening of a new socialist countryside construction of the great beginning of the information, it is the Zhongguancun Science and Technology of China in the name of the Holy Land, on the first document in 2006 instructed the Central "To actively promote the construction of agricultural information, the full use and integration of agricultural information resources, with emphasis on integrated information service platform of agricultural engineering" to make a positive response.

In the December 2006 meeting of the Central Rural Work Conference, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out: "the central task of the new rural construction is to increase rural productivity, the solution is the development of modern agriculture." Agricultural production and management of modern agriculture, agricultural science and technology, rural market circulation, farmers need information on all aspects of living service platform.

It is understood, had reached more than 6300 domestic agriculture-related sites. However, according to the Secretary of the Ministry of Information to Promote the needs of rural information services, there are still not well resolved four issues: First, the most concerned with the interests of farmers are closely related to the information collection, processing, integration, release, exchange , sharing difficult; two diverse information needs of farmers, personalized, timeliness, accuracy can not meet; third is facing a "last mile" problem, namely, how the information to the hands of the majority of farmers, farmers like to use, with affordable, put to good use; Fourth, the construction of information systems related to operating and maintenance costs and how to achieve sustainability.

Haidian District in Beijing and under the guidance department, in the Haidian District Secretary Comrade Tan under the care of Vick, in the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee and the Working Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian enterprises with the support of the Commission by the red and the Zhongguancun International Incubator of Zhongguancun Software Association launched China Site factory "wonderful world" company, more vivid language translation technology company, CRE aspect, China 10 000 network companies, Chinese entrepreneurs network and many other Internet companies in Zhongguancun, the support of the birth of a two village project - a new rural Zhongguancun hand it is a nationwide 500 000 500 000 villages to establish an independent domain name may be in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Traditional publishing information in six languages at the same time "online big village" to help the 9 million farmers in China's vast rural areas, to establish interoperability, and can be broadcast globally to connect the modern international market of agricultural exports, the country regularly update synchronization, powerful works of China's new rural information to domestic and international show an international , a colorful new socialist countryside.

Village project has two 65 channels, including nine aspects: 1, sales of agricultural products. 2, agricultural technical advice. 3, rural tourism. 4, land resource development. 5, investment cooperation projects in villages and towns. 6, production of consumer goods Buy. 7, rich exchange of information. 8, rural employment. 9, the new rural and cultural fronts.

Village works to support the two key modern agricultural industrial chain formation and perfection of being test run in the Beijing Association for Information Platforms Mentougou Rose show a bright future of modern agriculture, attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing boutique Rose Growers Association president, said Li Jiyong At present, members of the Rose Society of farmers planting crops income rose 6 times, the corresponding output rate of land productivity and farmers are 6 times! Village project will also support two farmers to plant roses from the rose oil to the refinery, to the production of cosmetics, Rose Valley, the domestic market and international markets into the whole industrial chain of modern roses.
He Enpei two villages project director of the Executive Committee, said: "Every village by village as a source of information, the villagers are most concerned about the information collected, then the village responsible for network maintenance release of information workers. By the farmers themselves collect their release, information to guarantee on the timeliness, the information is true, also had a dedicated review system. "As for the information release, the system construction cost, the two villages, Deputy Director of Engineering Executive Committee, said Qiu Dong, the villagers do not entirely his own pocket. "The initial site construction costs and maintenance fees can apply for government financial support to solve our red Zhongguancun Committee members also plan oriented entrepreneurs reconstruction, for the national reconstruction of each county is a modern agricultural industrial chain associated with the two villages demonstration project, information service platform, party members and entrepreneurs from the two villages for the initial engineering information service platform construction costs, we can also operate through the site to roll its own development. "in ensuring the timely update of information issues, Qiu Dong said that the world wonderful behind a dedicated team of software engineers, guaranteed 24-hour time-line publishing, adjustment, supervision, and regular site upgrades.

The future, the two village projects attached at one end 500 000 Li Jia Fen Village, such villages, one end attached Zhongguancun, a cone structure of the site clusters - the basic unit of the village, the village building platform, the village built the town of platform platform , the town built the platform and the Agricultural Economics Association, the county platform platform platform after the municipal, provincial platform, the provincial platform is the platform Zhongguancun Village project all of the above information platform for the two sites is responsible for all unified by the Zhongguancun automatically upgraded on a regular basis to Village works to ensure the information platform for the two sites with the times, the new rural farmers can spend in the shortest possible time out constant innovation in Zhongguancun, the most advanced Internet technologies. Policy of benefiting the country can pass through the Zhongguancun platform in a timely manner to all the rural; rural areas, agriculture and farmers need information can be one level to the higher layers of government pass filter; each village platforms can be broadcast to all other platforms agricultural information; the same time Zhongguancun platform also open up international markets for exports, and the introduction of international capital, information dissemination through the six languages, and modern agricultural industrial chain integration, to help China's new rural modern agriculture to international markets.

Opening ceremony drew to a close, Zhongguancun, deputy secretary of the United Party, Comrade Bin excited that the two integrated village project is an ongoing area of Zhongguancun, all the Internet's most advanced technology to ensure the provision of good technical support for farmers to provide comprehensive information dissemination services information platform; two villages project for the first time, governments at all levels leading to true and accurate understanding of the needs of farmers, rural status and agricultural production; to connect to modern agriculture, domestic and international export markets; to urban residents aware of the rural farmers directly Le tourist situation; for new rural culture spread to every rural China; for Chinese farmers have expressed their needs of information distribution channels; to Zhongguancun Information Technology Innovation out of service the first time a new socialist countryside, new rural service the process of getting an unprecedented, broad space for development.

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